Thursday, March 6, 2014

Completed: Quilted Sewing Kit

Ok, let's get real here for a second.  Is there anybody out there who sews or knits who doesn't have some obscenely large collection of scraps shoved in some dark corner somewhere?  That's my goal.  To have them all fit in one corner.  Ugh.  So.many.scraps.  And I'm really not feeling up to a whole quilt right now.  So I'm trying to think of smaller projects that can utilize piecing/quilting that maybe I can even try out some new techniques on.

TRIANGLES!!!  Do you see that?!  Are you impressed?  No?  Well, don't be.  My squares came out crazy wonky and I had to cut them down to a size.  Le sigh...

However subpar my quilting might be, I'm still overly proud of the outside of this sewing kit.  It's sooo hard to sew triangles together!  They stretch.  Boo.  Even though there was some <ahem> evening of the squares I think they look really nice.  I'd love to have a whole quilt done in this pattern in shades of pink, but I don't know that it'll ever happen.  I do have more, slightly larger triangles cut out and I've started sewing them together.  I'd like to either make some market bags or a quilt like this.  I can't seem to link to the site directly atm, but I've viewed the page and the quilt is sooo pretty.  

The inside is pretty cute as well... continuing with the pink theme, obviously.  I mostly followed this tutorial, but my pieces ended up much smaller and my scissors ended up slightly larger so I had to improvise.  By the way, I thought that was wool felt but my iron disagreed.  Be advised that your long piece of felt can easily become one small, square, thick one.  You've been warned.  

The only real problem I have with this kit is that things won't stay in the vertical pockets (the ones facing the open edge).  So the scissors and my seam rippers are always falling out.  I have a few simple ideas on how to fix this but obviously can't be arsed as I haven't done it yet.  I'm also not quite convinced about the spools of thread on the ribbon....  I usually use whatever I have left on the bobbin for handstitching and that seems a lot more portable to me.

I'm just really psyched to have pieced together something other than squares for a change.  FTW!  And just look how tiny it wraps up to be. 

 I definitely love the idea of this little sewing kit, now I just need to figure out how useful it really is (before I start thinking about making more, as I am so wont to do when I finish a project).  At least it used up some scraps and was pretty quick.  I used to use an empty (clean) glass peanut butter jar with the lid on as a sewing kit.  I liked it because I could throw the buttons, thread, needle, pins and even a tiny pair of scissors in without worrying about anything falling out (or anyone stepping on a stray needle, yeowch!).  I'm curious, what do you use as your sewing kit?  

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  1. Love it!! This is so cute!! I'm so impressed with all those little triangles! (p.s. that felting comment made me laugh). I actually end up using wooden baskets you get from thrift stores or micheals as my project holder. It helps me keep all the small pieces together and I can find it really easily too!