Sunday, July 1, 2012

the sound of settling

or at least socks of settling.  i think we all get in funks.  you see a lot of people say they lose their sewing/knitting/whatever mojo.  

here's the project page if you'd like to relive the excitement and here is the pattern which is free.  it's just a basic stockinette stitch sock pattern worked from the cuff down with an afterthought heel, except mine are done toe up.  obviously i did an eyelet row (yo, k2tog) on every light green stripe to add some interest.  oh, except for the first two after the heel turn on the back of the second sock.  i realized i had forgotten half of two eyelet rows on the sock leg and just kept going.  now that's settling for mediocrity.  surprisingly it doesn't look all that bad when the sock is on but it was mind-numbingly boring to knit while still requiring me to actually look and see what color i was on.

also known as a bull's eye heel for obvious reasons.  it's pretty much the only thing i don't hate about these socks.  i bought this yarn when i was first starting to knit socks...  before i realized i really don't like self striping sock yarn.

oh, haha, and i bought a ton of it because it was on sale at my lys's mother's day sale and obviously i lost my mind.  i mean a handknit green giraffe (with no tail btw).  there's obviously something wrong with me.

mmm..  ill fitting.  maybe because i'm a million years pregnant and my ankles are all swollen out of proportion.  you can see that the heel itself is baggy yet the same point on the top of the foot is tight.  wtf?  i appreciate how the heel allows the stripes to continue uninterrupted though

what broke my mojo?  a pair of shorts that i believe will be too small even after  baby's born (with flat-felled seams and a lapped zipper that's already inserted no less) a button up shirt for dc that is too small (actually i figured it would be i made it to check the fit and then couldn't get him to wear it even long enough to check fit) and it doesn't help that he still won't wear the awesome fishy henry shirt i worked so hard on.  would that it were my size i would wear it.

i remain optimistic, though.  i've started a quilt (that's right, now i'm a wanna be quilter too!)  i'm currently knitting not one but two blankets.  we'll see how far this one gets.  i started it this morning because i was tired of wading through piles of fabric scraps trying to get to my ironing board.  you've actually seen all of these fabrics before.

and something i actually know a little bit about: a second pair of big fishes for my dad from shibui sock which is too yummy to not cheer me up =)  at least some of my handmade fish clothing is appreciated!

and here is some other stuff that doesn't suck.  my little dj, passiflora in my garden, giraffe made from sock yarn seen above, and lots of dc on the beach =)

here's hoping that better things are coming...  more beach and less bitch 

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